• “We design for good.
    Good for business
      good for the environment
     & good for people.”
  • "We research people, 
    design services,
    strategies and create  
    organisational change.”
  • “By starting with  
    people at the centre,  
    we design ‘would’s’ 
    not ‘could’s’.”

What we do


*We think anyone who has ideas about changing things to make them better, and does something about them, is a designer. But some problems are harder to solve or come with bigger implications than the everyday stuff. To help we carry out people centred research, design services and strategies. We use a range of design based tools and processes to address complex challenges and support long term organisational change in three areas to create a positive impact:  


Design for business

We follow human centred research and development processes, to design services and integrated product systems, that create value for organisations and seamless experiences for users. We talk about human centred design because we believe that the user and every person in the value chain should be the beneficiary of design.


Design for society

We believe strongly in design that treats social good and sustainability as mutually inclusive. By applying human centred design processes to social challenges, design can have a profound impact on complex issues like obesity, homelessness, healthcare or even simply your employee’s well being. 


Design for environment

We think sustainability should be an asset not a cost. Increasingly organisations are identifying environmental issues, such as access to raw materials as the biggest threat to their future. However, these issues can be seen as a big opportunity for companies to get ahead and even find new revenue or a competitive advantage. 

How we do it


Its hard to put design into repeatable formula. Every project has unique challenges and the best designers offer a unique response with an iterative process. However broadly speaking our design process looks like the double design diamond, with two extra bits.

We always start by listening to your challenges. The next step is to discover more about the challenge by carrying out human scale research, looking contextual influences and technological feasibility. We then organise the research in to patterns, which helps to define and frame the problems to make them easier to understand and solve. We then generate (a lot of) ideas with you on how to address the challenges, before narrowing the best ones down and delivering them in the most appropriate formats, whether that is a workshop, a report, series of touch points or something else. Lastly we review the process so we can do it better next time. Download our Toolbox.pdf for more details on our design process and design tools including the basic version of our Circular Business Board, which we created to facilitate the design of business models for a circular economy.


Our work


Talking about design is great, but you can’t beat seeing a portfolio. We’ve got quite a breadth of skills and have worked on projects in a range areas, including somethings that you might not have realised.

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    How can the UK use companies, like Kyocera, who make their products in Japan, to upskill the...
  • London Circular Jam

    What happens when 50 enthusiastic experts and participants come together to solve sustainability...
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    Sustainability is not a new challenge. We designed a mural for the V&A to chart the history of...

Our clients


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About us


We All Design, is a network of designers created by Rob Maslin. The projects are delivered by a team of associates at the top of their fields in environmental sustainability, product design, service design, design research and social design.

Rob Maslin

Founding Director

His work has always put human beings at the centre of design, redefining the problem and finding solutions with an open ended approach. With a background in product design, his work mostly involves addressing environmental and social challenges using service design.


Mark Shayler

Sustainability Associate

Mark has over 20 years experience leading the way in eco design and the circular economy. He has worked with some of the worlds most successful mega brands. He is founding partner of Do Lectures, author of the book Do Disrupt, a Design Council Design Associate, a WRAP technical advisor.



Contact us


A lot can happen in 30 minuets...

Design is a funny thing, it’s 90% graft and then a cup of tea with the right person can change everything. If you’re thinking about a new project or have a challenge and think we might be able to help find a solution (not to mention understand the problem), drop us a line.

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